Short List of Compositions:

Two previously published lists of the compositions exist. The first is a catalogue of the Johansen cassette series published in Fanfare, January/February, 1986, Volume 9, Number 3. This excludes the numerous works that Johansen did not release on the series. The second is a summary list in Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Music and Musicians (8th edition) by Nicholas Slonimsky. A few small errors and omissions in the latter are here corrected. Notated sonatas are numbered in Roman numerals, improvised sonatas with Arabic numerals.

Published Works (for piano except where noted):

By Carl Fischer

  • Danish Folk Song (1932)
  • The Song of the Reaper (1932)
  • Toccata in the Phrygian Mode (1933) (These now out of print.)

    By Sikesdi Press

    Volume I of the Complete Works (1990, revised 1993):

    1. Affection
    2. Vocalise for voice (or oboe) and piano
    3. Atonal Sonatina I
    4. Sonata II "Pearl Harbor, December 6, 1941"
    5. Violin Sonata No. 1
    6. Lullaby for Lorraine
    7. Canzona II
    8. "a la fontenele"
    Volume II of the Complete Works (1995):

    1. Ballade for Lorraine
    2. Mother's Lullaby
    3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt In Memoriam April 12, 1945
    4. String Quartet (1937)
    5. Prelude and Mini-Fugue
    6. Paul Bunyan Stalk
    7. Sonata XXIII
    8. 2nd Atonal Sonatina
    9. Suite (1929) Barcarola, Polichinelle, Poëm
    10. Wedding Bells
    Only two volumes of a planned 20 were ever published.


    Dates are provided for only some works, based on availability of manuscript verification. A complete catalogue of Johansen's works is in preparation by the author.
    1. Piano Concertos:
    • No. 1 (1930)
    • No. 2 (1949) for piano, three recorders, and orchestra
    • No. 3 (1969-71)
    2. Orchestral:
    • Variations, Disguises and Fugue on a Merry Theme of Cyrus McCormick (1937)
    3. Choral/Instrumental:
    • East-West Cantata (1943) for piano, choir, and small ensemble (full score lost)
    4. Piano works:
    • Sonatas 1-31 (1940-1951)
    • Toccatas
    • Numerous Suites
    • Many shorter works
    • Atonal Sonatinas (1943 and 1944)
    • Transcriptions, embellishments, elaborations of works by a number of composers
    • Cadenzas to various works
    5. Chamber music:
    • 3 Violin Sonatas
    • String Quartet (1937)
    • Four Pieces for String Quartet (incomplete)
    • Oboe Sonata (1943) (third movement only)
    • Triptique for cello and piano (ca. 1984)
    6. Vocal Music:
    • Songs on texts by Wilde, Longfellow and others.
    • Sonata 160 for voice and piano (wordless singing)
    • Vocalise for voice and piano (1975) (wordless singing or any suitable solo instrument, particularly effective for flute or oboe with piano)
    7. Improvisations:
    • Improvised Sonatas numbered 32 - 550 (1953-ca.1990)
    • Improvisations after the Psalms of David (1-41)
    • Miscellaneous Improvisations, some from live performances.
    Some of the Improvised Sonatas are available on the Johansen compositions series. Most remain stored at the Blue Mounds Archive and a duplicate series up to approximately Sonata 360 is stored at the University of Wisconsin.
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